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Unique Mobilier’s success lies in the collaborative approach our team of specialists brings to office planning and design. For more information or to contact a member of our team, call 450-658-1726 ext. 0, or write to us at [email protected].


Hugo Cornellier


450-658-1726 x 101

Jean-François Provost

Associate, office design specialist

450-658-1726 x 102

Office design consultants

Jean-François Denis

Office design consultant

450-658-1726 x 103

Richard Desnoyers

Office design consultant

450-658-1726 x 104

Pierre-Antoine Brisebois

Office design consultant

450-658-1726 x 110

Chantal Roy

Office design consultant

450-658-1726 x 108

Véronique Racine

Office design consultant

450-658-1726 x 109

Myriam Courchesne

Office designer

450-658-1726 x 112

Customer Service

Marie-Michelle Rouleau

Coordinator - Call for tenders

450-658-1726 x 107

Emilie Bissonnette

Coordinator - Customer Service

450-658-1726 x 105


Questions or requests

450-658-1726 x 106

Sales and Administration

Nadia Turgeon

Assistant - Sales

450-658-1726 x 111

Mélanie Laplante

Assistant - Sales

450-658-1726 x 114

Josiane Greffard

Assistant - Sales and Orders

450-658-1726 x 113

Stephanie Couture


450-658-1726 x 100
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