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Cafeteria Table
Global Swap

Our Swap tables are characterized by clean lines, a smooth surface, and a sturdy base, available with either a circular or square pedestal.

Featuring integrated adjustable glides, these tables blend aesthetics with functionality. Choose from seven different heights – from low coffee table to bar table – to perfectly suit your space.

These tables are available in a choice of four veneer finishes: antique copper, brushed chrome, chrome, and satin brass. Rounded corners are optionally available on square and rectangular tabletops in melamine, laminate, or solid surface.

For a cafeteria table that reflects your identity, we offer a wide range of powder-coated finishes, from neutral tones to bolder colors.

The Swap tables are not only aesthetic but also functional. In fact, some models offer integrated power management options, ensuring that electronic devices are always charged and ready for use.

Cafeteria Table
Global Duet

The Global Duet cafeteria tables stand out for their versatility. Moreover, their selection of elegant finishes, such as Absolute Mahogany and White Chocolate, allows them to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles.

They visually enhance dining spaces by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The robustness and durability of these tables enable them to withstand daily use in high-traffic areas.

Their design, which combines aesthetics with functionality, encourages moments of relaxation and conviviality.

Indeed, Global Duet tables emerge as an excellent choice for cafeteria spaces. They harmoniously blend style and utility, thus creating a welcoming environment for break times.

Personalize Your Cafeteria Space

Our selection of cafeteria tables embraces a wide range of colors and styles. This opens up a plethora of possibilities to shape and personalize each dining space.

This diversity allows you to align the aesthetics of your spaces with the overall ambiance of the establishment, whether you’re aiming for a modern and dynamic setting or a more classic and cozy atmosphere.

By playing with shades and shapes, it’s possible to create welcoming and aesthetically consistent environments that encourage well-being and conviviality.

Configuration Tips to Optimize Your Space

1. Evaluate Available Space : Begin by measuring your space to determine how many tables you can comfortably fit without overcrowding it. 

Make sure to leave enough room for circulation around the tables.

2. Choose the Right Layout : Depending on the size and shape of your cafeteria, some table configurations will be more suitable than others. Island layouts allow for smooth traffic flow, while row configurations can maximize seating capacity.

3. Consider Flexibility : Modular or stackable tables can be reconfigured according to space needs and different events, offering valuable versatility.

4. Incorporate Varied Zones : Consider creating different types of zones – for example, areas for quick meals, cozy corners for longer coffee breaks, and spaces for group dining. 

This can make the cafeteria welcoming for a wider variety of uses and preferences.

5. Consider Color Harmony : Use the colors and styles of tables to delineate or unify different zones of your cafeteria. Colors can influence the mood and energy of a space, so choose them carefully to create the desired atmosphere.

Our Office Layout And Furnishing
Service in Quebec

Our team, experts in design and layout, goes beyond mere furniture selection. We meticulously choose cafeteria tables and seating that align with your style, whether it’s distinctly contemporary or steeped in tradition.

Every detail of your space is given our attention. By listening to your needs, we offer customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into your environment.

Looking for a table with a laminated top for easy maintenance? We also provide seating designed to perfectly complement these tables. Our stools are also crafted to withstand regular use.

For each project, our goal is to meet your expectations in terms of design, functionality, and durability.

By choosing quality materials and carefully planning the layout of the space, we aim to create cafeterias that simplify daily life and reflect your visual identity.

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