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At Unique Mobilier, our diverse selection of work desks is suitable for all environments, from small spaces to large rooms.

Our goal ?

To provide you with optimum comfort and efficiency. And for those who want to add a modern touch, discover our height-adjustable desks to vary between sitting and standing work.

« Les meilleures choses qui arrivent dans le monde de l’entreprise ne sont pas le résultat du travail d’un seul homme. C’est le travail de toute une équipe. » – Steve Jobs.

Our Desking Ranges

Closed Offices

Our closed office offers the ideal answer for businesses that prefer privacy and concentration.

Combining elegance and functionality, they are carefully crafted for professionals seeking a distinctive personal space.

Our choice of closed offices will suit all your preferences, whether in style, colour or materials.

Varied styles

Our private offices come in various styles and colours to match your personal tastes.

Various materials

To personalize your office, you can choose from different materials, from wood to metal.

Professional well-being

Every detail of our private offices is designed to optimize your comfort and productivity.

When you choose our closed offices, you’re investing in a space where every detail is optimized for professional well-being.
Bureaux de travail à aires ouvertes

Open-plan Offices

Encouraging collaboration and transparency, open-plan offices offer numerous advantages:

Dynamism and flexibility

These configurations stimulate spontaneous exchanges, facilitating brainstorming sessions and informal meetings.

Space optimization

In locations where every square meter counts, an open-plan layout is the ideal solution for maximizing the use of space.

Stimulation of communicatio

Without partitions, discussions become more natural, encouraging better team cohesion.


Need to change the layout quickly? Our open-plan spaces can be adapted to suit any situation.

At Unique Mobilier, we offer solutions for open spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality.

Our work desks are designed to support collaboration while guaranteeing quality personal space.

System Panel

Flexibility and adaptability are essential in modern workspaces. Our panel systems embody this vision, balancing privacy and collaboration.

Dynamic adaptability

With the expertise of our specialists, create a working office that adjusts over time.

Our aim is to ensure that your spaces evolve with your needs, guaranteeing continuity in your work dynamics.

Intimate spaces

While promoting collaboration, it’s also important to have spaces stimulating concentration.

Panel systems allow this flexibility, creating zones dedicated to individual reflection or confidential exchanges.

Facilitating interaction

Although these panels offer privacy, they are designed to encourage interaction. They encourage exchange and communication, whether for an informal discussion or a spontaneous meeting.

By opting for our panel system, you can customize your working environment to suit your specific needs while supporting collaboration and efficiency.

bureaux de travail - panneaux système

Height-adjustable Desks

They make it easy for users to vary their posture throughout the day. With the push of a button, raise or lower the table to alternate between sitting and standing.

This versatility has many advantages, including the following:

Comfort and collaboration

These adjustable tables don’t just keep you comfortable. They also encourage collaborative work.
No need for an extra chair when you want to chat with a colleague; the table adjusts to your level.

Modern design and quality materials

Combining wood and metal, our height-adjustable desks are contemporary.

Our height-adjustable desks combine aesthetics, comfort and functionality

Designed to meet the needs of demanding professionals, our products offer you the efficiency and elegance you deserve.

Why Choose Unique Mobilier
to Furnish Your Workspace and Offices ?

Expertise in customized design and layout

green arrow going right Our dedicated team goes beyond simply offering furniture. They are dedicated to meticulous design service, ensuring that your office perfectly reflects your modern or traditional style.

green arrow going right Every space, every table, and every corner of your working environment is important. We listen carefully to your needs, analyzing the details to offer solutions that fit your space perfectly.

green arrow going right Whether you need a wooden desk with drawers, a modern space with metal accents, or a solid work surface for your computers and other tools, we have the answer.

Quality, durability and first-class service

green arrow going right Every item, from a simple drawer to a large table, is built to last. We use quality materials to guarantee the longevity of every piece of furniture.

green arrow going right Our extensive experience in this field enables us to manage projects of all sizes.

In collaboration with our partners, we ensure that our products are of the highest quality, delivered on time and to our customers’ standards.

green arrow going right The quality of our customer and after-sales service is of paramount importance to us.

Unrivalled Complementary Services

green arrow going right We also offer financing services to make your project even more affordable.

green arrow going right Our comprehensive range of services includes design, planning and project management, as well as an in-depth analysis of your needs and objectives.

We also offer 2D/3D layout plans and expert coordination of all project stages.

green arrow going right We care for delivery, installation by qualified technicians, and environmentally responsible waste management.

green arrow going right Our after-sales service includes a customer-accompanied inspection, an end-of-project report, and evaluating and rectifying deficiencies.

We take care of warranty claims, service, maintenance and repair.

green arrow going right To meet all your needs, we even offer short-, medium- and long-term rental services, whether for repairs while you wait for your order, for special events, or in the event of a claim.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can transform your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

The straight desk is often considered classic, suitable for most spaces and offers a linear work surface. The corner desk is forged to fit a room’s corner or offer an “L”-shaped work surface.

This option is ideal for maximizing the layout of your space and meeting the needs of those who require a segmented work area.

Your choice will depend primarily on your available surface area, work surface requirements, and aesthetic preferences.

The choice of material for your desk depends on the ambience and aesthetics you desire. We offer a varied palette to suit every taste :

Light wood: A popular option for those seeking a natural, calm or Scandinavian ambience.

Solid wood or white stain: Ideal for a warm, homey feel.
Metal: For those who want an industrial or modern touch to their space.

Glass: For a sleek, contemporary look.

Your office’s colour and surroundings influence your space’s atmosphere. For example, don’t hesitate to introduce elements of colour decorative objects such as a desk lamp, picture frames or plants. This will make your space even more welcoming.

A height-adjustable desk lets you alternate between sitting and standing positions, allowing better posture. What’s more, these desks encourage collaboration by offering a variety of working levels, enabling exchanges without the need for additional chairs.

Our panel systems create zones of optimal concentration while encouraging colleague interaction and communication.

We offer a variety of finishes, from sober black to sleek white, as well as different materials such as wood and metal to personalize your desk to suit your preferences. The aim is for your desk to reflect your style and blend harmoniously with your space.

The standard height of a computer desk is between 48 and 69 centimetres (19 and 27 inches).

This height range should suit most needs, whether you’re working on a laptop or a desktop.

Choosing the ideal height depends on several factors, including your height and the type of office chair you’re using.

Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the best computer desk height:

When seated, ensure the underside of your elbows is the same height as your desk. This will allow you to rest your arms comfortably on the desk at an angle of around 90 degrees, promoting ergonomic posture and reducing fatigue.

Under the computer desk, there should be a space of about 33 to 38 centimetres (13 to 15 inches) between the top of your knees and the underside of the desk.

Also, remember that there need to be about 58 centimetres (23 inches) between the underside of the desk and the floor for you to sit comfortably.

Whether you prefer a desk in laminated wood, metal, MDF or other materials, our product range offers various options.

MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is a compressed wood fiberboard material.

It is made from recycled wood fibres, resin and other additives, which are pressed together to form a strong, uniform panel.

MDF is often used to manufacture furniture, doors, cabinets and other wood products.

It is valued for its stability and smooth surface, making it a popular choice for contemporary furniture.

No, not all our desks come with drawers. The presence of drawers depends on the desk model you choose.

However, all our desks are designed to be modular, which means you can add drawers or other storage elements to suit your specific needs. This allows you to customize your desk to meet your storage requirements.

If you have a preference for drawers or other desk features, please contact us to discuss the options available.

You can reach us via our contact page or by phone. Our dedicated team is always ready to answer your questions and help you make the right choice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.
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