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Partition panels, or dividers, offer an elegant solution for delineating workspace areas. These separators transform the workspace by creating movable offices. They prove useful in dividing an office, an open space, or even a reception area.

Available in various sizes, colors, and materials, these panels adapt to multiple needs. They are gaining popularity in professional spaces as they enhance privacy and optimize acoustic management. Additionally, they contribute to a refined aesthetic in workspaces. By facilitating dedicated concentration zones, they also encourage more directed communication among colleagues, without completely partitioning the space.

These devices easily adapt to various configurations, allowing for reorganization based on internal developments, such as personnel movements or special events.

Discover Our
Office Partition Panels

Boulevard MD Partition

Boulevard redefines how you can structure your workspace. The freestanding partitions in the range provide excellent acoustic insulation while increasing the flexibility of your office.

With these panels, it becomes easy to divide your workspace, encourage social interactions and teamwork while promoting concentration.

By opting for Boulevard MD, you choose a partitioning solution that combines aesthetics, functionality, and flexibility.

Whether you’re aiming for meeting areas or collaboration spaces, Boulevard has you covered.

Evolve MD Divider

Whether you prefer a presence marked by monolithic designs or adaptability with segmented versions, Evolve ensures smooth and aesthetic integration.

The mobile version, equipped with locking casters, provides the flexibility needed to reconfigure your space.

Furthermore, their freestanding nature allows for great freedom of placement and organization without requiring permanent fixations.

With a range of finishes from clear or frosted glass to whiteboards, textiles, or open-frame designs, Evolve offers you a multitude of options to personalize your workspace.

Moreover, maintaining these dividers is easy, adding a practical aspect to their aesthetics and functionality.

Finally, these partition panels do more than just divide; they transform the space, encourage collaboration and privacy, while bringing dynamism and personalization to your professional environment.

Bridge II Partition

The framed partition panels in the Global Bridge II range are designed to provide division between your offices while facilitating interaction.

Tall enough to create a sense of personal space, they remain open enough to allow for communication and idea sharing.

You can choose from a range of materials, such as pinnable fabric, laminate, magnetic whiteboards, or felt.

As for the felt, composed of polyester fibers (PET), it visually enhances the space while optimizing its acoustics.

For an elegant protection solution, the extended-height showcases in the Global Bridge II range can be retroactively installed on your current configurations.

Furthermore, translucent screens foster a productive atmosphere, perfectly suited to the dynamics of collaborative workspaces.

Lightweight, durable, and easy to handle, these dividers seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. They enhance privacy without sacrificing openness to a modern work environment.

What Are The Benefits Of
A Partition Panel?

There are several reasons why partition panels can be added to your workplace. Here are some of them:

1. Communication

By facilitating dedicated concentration zones, they encourage more directed communication among colleagues, without completely partitioning the space.

2. Acoustics

They also improve acoustics by reducing noise in busy offices, which promotes concentration and productivity.

3. Design

An office partition adds an aesthetic touch to the workspace with a range of colors and materials suitable for every interior.

4. Privacy

Partition panels provide privacy to employees in an open space. They are useful for tasks requiring discretion or concentration.

5. Health and Safety

Office dividers reduce the spread of germs. A sick employee is thus less likely to infect their colleagues.

How To Choose The Right
Partition For Your Office?

Several factors can be taken into account when choosing an office partition panel.

1. Purpose of the partition

Determine the use of the panel.

Are you looking to establish a permanent or just temporary separation?

Is it to preserve confidentiality in your office or to segment areas such as a lobby or waiting room??

2. Material

The appearance and acoustic properties of the partition largely depend on its material. Glass, plexiglass, fabric, textile, and steel are among the popular choices.

3. Dimensions

Take measurements of the designated area for the divider. Ensure that the chosen panel harmonizes perfectly with the available space.

4. Color

The hue of the panel should complement the ambiance of your office and reflect your company’s image.

Opt for standard colors like black, white, gray, or neutral tones.

For a more dynamic atmosphere, consider colored or patterned panels.

5. Cost

The cost of partitions varies depending on their model, dimensions, and composition.

Different Types Of
Partition Panels

Here is a variety of partition panels available, each addressing specific needs in office layout:

1. Fixed panel

Once installed, this partition remains in place permanently. Ideal for separating large areas into more intimate zones, it finds its place in offices, meeting rooms, or lobbies.

2. Mobile panels

Flexible and movable, these panels allow for creating temporary spaces suitable for meetings, conferences, or various events.

3. Desk screens

Positioned on desks, these separators provide privacy and acoustic isolation between workstations. Available in various dimensions and materials, they easily adapt to any office environment.

4. Freestanding panels

Self-supporting and independent, these panels require no attachment to a desk or wall, thus facilitating space division without permanent constraints.

Why Choose Us
For Your Office Layout?

Our company stands out for its range of services and tailor-made solutions for your office layout projects.

1. Financial Flexibility

We offer flexible financing options that facilitate the acquisition of your office furnishings.

2. Custom Design

Our service encompasses personalized design, planning, and project management. In close collaboration with you, we bring your vision to life.

3. 2D/3D Visualization

Our 2D and 3D renderings provide a detailed perspective of your project, ensuring alignment with your expectations.

Our coordination expertise ensures that every detail is taken into account and that the result meets your expectations.

4. Installation

Our specialized technicians professionally install your office furniture. Moreover, they prioritize an eco-responsible approach to material management.

5. Post-Installation Inspection and Adjustment

A meticulous inspection is carried out after installation, complemented by a detailed report. This allows for the identification and rectification of any anomalies.

6. Maintenance and Warranty

Our after-sales service takes care of all warranty management, maintenance, and potential repairs.

7. Versatile Rental Solutions

For temporary needs or special events, we offer flexible rental solutions.

By choosing our company, you opt for a partner that values functionality, aesthetics, and flexibility in creating your work environment.

Our Office Furnishing
Service In Quebec

At Unique Mobilier, established in the province of Quebec, our expertise extends to the layout and furnishing of professional and commercial offices.

With over twenty years of experience, our dedication is to provide you with office furniture solutions for both SMEs and large companies in Quebec.

En tant que partenaire de confiance dans le milieu québécois, nous collaborons avec des fabricants de renom dans le domaine du mobilier de bureau, tels que Logiflex, Artelite et Global.

Ces partenariats stratégiques nous permettent de mettre à votre disposition des marques garantissant une qualité et une durabilité qui sauront s’harmoniser avec le style de votre espace de travail.

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