Guest chairs


Our guest chairs bring comfort and style to professional spaces, welcoming clients, partners, and other visitors. Whether for your meeting rooms or reception areas, they will provide comfortable seating for everyone.

Unlike waiting room chairs, often designed for fixed installations like airports or hospitals, our guest chairs are mobile and flexible.

Available in wood, equipped with casters, with armrests, or in leather, they meet various professional needs while enhancing the aesthetics of your workplace.

Our chairs are both practical and aesthetic, adapting to the specificities of your professional spaces.

Our Types Of
Guest Chairs

Wooden Guest Reception Chairs

Our wooden guest chairs combine robustness and elegance, blending harmoniously into various professional decors.

They withstand regular use well, making them ideal for environments with frequent foot traffic.

In addition to providing comfortable seating, their appearance promotes a welcoming atmosphere.

Easy to maintain, they remain a practical choice if you seek to combine functionality and style in your business.

Guest Reception Chair with Casters

Our guest chairs with casters simplify movement in your professional spaces.

Depending on your flooring, this type of chair can be ideally suited. They work well on low-pile carpet, tile, or laminate flooring.

However, for thick carpet or more delicate flooring, we recommend opting for a different type of seating.

Built to withstand frequent use, our guest chairs with casters combine durability and functionality, providing added value.

Built to withstand frequent use, our guest chairs with casters combine robustness and practicality.

Guest Reception Chair with Armrests

Our guest chairs equipped with armrests are designed to optimize the comfort of those being welcomed.

With armrests, you can provide your visitors with additional support that can enhance their seating experience.

Moreover, in addition to promoting better posture, armrests often assist in sitting down and standing up from the chair.

Leather Guest Reception Chair

Leather often brings a touch of elegance and prestige.

Chosen for their refined appearance, our leather chairs combine aesthetics and functionality in environments such as executive offices or upscale reception areas.

Moreover, this type of material is frequently found in law firms.

Our leather guest chairs adhere to this rule and bring elegance to your workplace while ensuring the durability of your chairs.

Guest Reception Chair with Metal Base

A guest chair with a metal base combines robustness and modern design, fitting well into contemporary professional environments.

Metal, as a material, lends strength to the chair and ensures a long lifespan.

Moreover, the visual aspect of a chair with a metal base is often sleek and minimalist.

This allows it to easily integrate into various decorative styles without cluttering the visual space.

Furthermore, the metal structure is typically treated to resist corrosion and wear, maintaining its neat appearance over time.

Lastly, the chair with a metal base not only offers aesthetic appeal; it is also designed to provide optimal comfort.

The metal frame, combined with a well-padded seat, provides support for the back and legs.

Criteria for Choosing
Guest Chairs

Comfort and Ergonomics

Choosing a guest chair involves paying attention to comfort and ergonomics.

With this in mind, we meticulously select our chairs from our suppliers, whether it’s for the backrest or the seat.

A good chair should not only be comfortable but also ergonomic, promoting proper posture to help prevent muscle tension or fatigue.

Lastly, we advise considering the seat quality, including the upholstery material and backrest design.

Generally, chairs that combine these aspects ensure a more enjoyable experience.

Priority on Back Support

Back support is one of the key factors for the comfort of your chair as it bears a portion of the weight that would otherwise be borne by the spine.

As such, a well-designed backrest is equipped with lumbar support, which relieves the muscles of the back by promoting correct alignment of the head, shoulders, and pelvis.

In addition, the backrest helps prevent vertebral compression and the adoption of an inappropriate posture, often compared to that of a camel.

It protects against continuous postural strains that can lead to severe pain.

Indeed, a hunched posture maintained over a long period can increase tension on ligaments, cartilage, and other joint structures, naturally leading to discomfort.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of guest chairs will undoubtedly influence the ambiance of your professional space.

By choosing a chair with a particular design, it will enhance the aesthetics of your business and reflect your style and values.

Moreover, at Unique Mobilier, we offer various colors in different materials.

Whether it’s natural wood for a classic touch or metal, you can give your environment the look you desire.

Finally, attention to the design of the chairs not only enhances the visual experience of visitors but also strengthens the brand identity of the company.

Opting for chairs that demonstrate this commitment to quality and visual comfort reflects attention to detail.

Our Other
Chair Ranges

At Unique Mobilier, we specialize in designing and furnishing commercial offices in Quebec.

For over twenty years, we’ve offered high-end office furnishing solutions for a diverse clientele, including SMEs and large corporations.

We’re dedicated to providing a broad selection of office furniture and accessories to accommodate all budgets.

As a trusted distributor, we collaborate with industry-leading suppliers like Logiflex, Artelite, and Global to offer you the finest available brands.

Our Office Furnishing
Service In Quebec

Our unique approach is based on understanding your vision, challenges, and objectives.

We are dedicated to creating work environments that promote employee well-being, increase productivity, and stimulate creativity.

Our team of commercial designers accompanies you at every step of your project, from conception to management, including delivery and installation of office furniture such as ergonomic chairs and desks tailored to your needs.

Additionally, we offer professional and responsive after-sales service to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

If you need temporary office furniture solutions, such as chairs or desks, we also provide flexible rental options tailored to your short, medium, and long-term needs.

At Unique Mobilier, we’re more than just an office furniture distributor; we’re your partner in creating a unique, functional, and inspiring workspace.

Contact us today to discuss your office design and furnishing projects, and discover how we can help optimize your workspace.

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