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A height-adjustable desk from Unique Mobilier elegantly combines ergonomics and modern design, meeting the demands of a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

If you’re looking for a desk that promotes well-being and productivity, our collection will suit a variety of activities and personal preferences.

Each desk in our range combines style and functionality, perfectly meeting your professional requirements.

Explore our range of height-adjustable desks, each designed to enrich your workspace and enhance your daily experience.

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Ideal Height-adjustable Desk

Electric height-adjustable desk
Logiflex Elevation

Open-plan configuration

Our Logiflex Elevation desks are perfectly suited to open-plan projects. They offer ergonomics, flexibility, and solutions for social distancing and privacy.

Each workstation maintains visual separation while enabling collaboration thanks to acrylic dividers and bulletin boards.

Elevation Plus desks offer integrated access for connectivity, enhancing communication. In addition, they feature advanced cabling management systems, ensuring a space that is both organized and functional.

The addition of divider screens and the use of easy-care materials such as acrylic underline the commitment to health and safety in the working environment.

Adaptable to private offices

The Elevation Plus collection also extends to private offices, offering layout flexibility with “L” configurations and various modesty options.

These additions offer optimal organization and extra comfort, making private offices both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Whether for an open-plan environment or a personal space, Elevation Plus height-adjustable desks from Logiflex represent a complete solution.

Moreover, they combine modern design, advanced ergonomics and functionality tailored to contemporary workspace needs.

Electric height-adjustable table
Global Foli

Opting for a desk like the Global Foli electric height-adjustable table means choosing flexibility and comfort at work.

This table makes switching from sitting to standing easy, promoting well-being whether working alone, in a team, or even in shared spaces.

With its universal design, the Global Foli table blends harmoniously into any professional environment, thanks to a wide range of finishes.

The table’s practical features, such as easy push-button adjustment and adjustable glides, ensure an easy and customizable user experience.

Why Opt For A Height-adjustable Desk?

1. Health and ergonomic benefits

The adoption of a height-adjustable desk is a wise decision for any workspace. This type of desk, often electric and height-adjustable, allows you to change your posture throughout the day.

This flexibility helps reduce back pain and discomfort associated with long periods of sitting.

You promote better blood circulation and ergonomic posture by alternating between sitting and standing.

2. Improved productivity and comfort

A height-adjustable desk has more than just physical benefits. It also has a positive impact on productivity and general well-being. Alternating between sitting and standing stimulates energy and concentration, enabling better performance at work.

These desks offer the possibility of varying postures, contributing to a feeling of dynamism and renewal throughout the day.

Therefore, investing in a height-adjustable desk is a strategic choice for comfort and efficiency in your professional environment.

With its many options, such as adjustable height, ergonomic trays and computer supports, this type of workstation is an ideal solution for improving your well-being at the office.

Adjustable Desk, Electric, With Counterweight or Crank Handle

1. Electric adjustable desk

The electric adjustable desk stands out for its ease of use. Its programmable control enables fast, precise height adjustment, ideal for those who frequently alternate between sitting and standing.

These desks’ smooth, jolt-free movement makes them particularly suitable for regular use.

Moreover, this type of electric station, equipped with sophisticated adjustment systems, is often preferred for its precision and convenience.

2. Crank or counterweight desk

In contrast, the crank or counterweight desk offers a totally silent experience, although the electric model is increasingly quiet.

These manual desks require no electricity, eliminating the need for cables.

Although they require more physical effort to adjust height, they are viable for those seeking a simple, uncluttered solution.

They are also a relevant choice for tall or short people or those with reduced mobility looking for a desk adapted to their needs.

3. Cost comparison

Electrically adjustable desks are often more expensive because of their automated mechanism. They offer added convenience because you can adjust the height with a simple knob. This is particularly useful if you often change the height of your desk or wish to avoid physical effort.

Crank-operated desks are generally less expensive than electric desks. They require manual effort to adjust the height, which can be less convenient. But they are often chosen for budget reasons or for environments where electricity is not readily available.


If you’re looking for the cheapest option, hand-cranked desks are generally more affordable than an electric model. However, the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs regarding convenience, frequency of adjustment and budget.

4. Final choice and ergonomics

Whichever type of height-adjustable desk you choose, it’s advisable to combine it with a quality ergonomic chair to create an optimal working environment.

This duo is perfectly suited to a dynamic working style, contributing significantly to enhancing your professional experience.

Each option has distinct advantages, and the choice depends on your preferences, working style and ergonomic requirements.

At Unique Mobilier, we offer a variety of height-adjustable desks to suit every specific need.

What Shape Of Adjustable Desk Should I Choose?

1. Straight desks

An adjustable straight desk is ideal for more confined areas or those who appreciate a sober, minimalist configuration. With its straight, compact shape, it integrates easily into a variety of professional settings.

2. U- or L-shaped offices

U-shaped or L-shaped desks are ideal for those who require a large work area or wish to distinguish between different activity sections clearly.

These configurations significantly increase the space available for equipment and documents, contributing to efficient and orderly workplace organization.

3. Customization and ergonomics

These desks allow you to adjust zones and supports according to your preferences, guaranteeing an ergonomic working environment tailored to your needs.

Key features of height-adjustable desks

1. Innovative design and ergonomic options

Our height-adjustable desks are distinguished by their innovative design. They combine modern aesthetics with functionality. Each model offers ergonomic options designed for user comfort.

With intuitive adjustments, they adapt easily to different working postures. This adaptability makes it possible to alternate between sitting and standing positions, promoting better physical health.

2. Choice of materials and durability

Durability is a key aspect of our height-adjustable desks. We favour sturdy components to ensure a long service life for our products.

This approach ensures that each desk stands up effectively to the daily stresses of a dynamic business environment while representing a lasting investment for your company.

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