Collaboration and meetings


Meeting tables energize interactions within companies. They serve as the nucleus for discussions, simplifying the exchange of ideas and cooperation.

Moreover, they evolve with contemporary working modes, such as teleconferencing, visual presentations, and training sessions.

By judiciously integrating features such as electrical and computer wiring, they manage to combine practicality and aesthetics.

At Unique Furniture, our selection includes a variety of tables made from melamine, laminate, wood, and glass, designed to enhance the atmosphere of your meeting rooms.

For those in search of a more personal touch, our experts are here to assist you. Indeed, they will guide you in selecting a custom meeting table that meets your expectations.

How to Choose the Ideal
Conference Table

1. Space and Size : Measure your room to ensure the table fits without hindering circulation. Consider the usual number of participants to determine the adequate size.

2. Design : The table’s design complements the aesthetics of your office, whether you opt for a modern or traditional style. This harmony between furniture and space has a positive impact on the atmosphere and can encourage a more pleasant and inspiring work environment.

3. Functionality : Consider the specific needs of your meetings. Do you need built-in features such as electrical outlets, USB ports, or solutions for cabling?

4. Materials and Durability : Choose materials that not only reflect your style but are also designed to last. Options include wood for a classic touch, glass for a contemporary look, or laminate for an economical and durable solution.

5. Comfort : The ergonomics of the table affect the productivity of meetings. An appropriate height and enough space under the table for legs ensure participant comfort over long periods.

Optimize Your Space With The
Right Meeting Tables

Arrangement And Layout For Collaboration

The arrangement of meeting tables directly influences the ease of communication and the level of engagement among participants.

A round or oval table promotes equality and simplifies exchanges by allowing each person to see and address others directly.

Modular configurations, such as rectangular or U-shaped tables, can be adapted based on the number of participants and the type of meeting. This adaptability encourages dynamic interaction.

Finally, the space around the tables is equally important. Make sure there is enough room for circulation.

Integration Of Technologies Into Meeting Tables

The integration of modern technologies into meeting tables enriches workspaces by offering more flexibility.

Features such as electrical outlets, USB ports, and cable management systems simplify the use of electronic devices for all participants.

For teleconferencing sessions or multimedia presentations, opting for tables with built-in audio and video connectivity options is a good idea. This can enhance the communication experience.

Our collection, aesthetically diverse, is designed to complement your workspace while meeting the needs of modern teams.

By carefully selecting your meeting tables, you enhance your space, making it more conducive to innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

Our Office Layout And Furnishing
Service In Quebec

We excel in the layout and furnishing of commercial offices throughout Quebec, with over two decades of experience.

Our mission is to provide high-end office furniture solutions to a diverse clientele, ranging from small SMEs to large corporations.

Our catalog is rich and varied, including conference and meeting tables, ergonomic chairs, and executive desks.

Moreover, these products are available in a wide range of colors and materials, including wood and glass.

In terms of design, our offerings range from classic rectangular to modern oval or barrel-shaped, ensuring a perfect adaptation to all styles of workspace.

As a recognized distributor, Unique Mobilier partners with industry leaders such as Logiflex, Artelite, and Global. This collaboration ensures access to the best brands and products.

Whether you’re considering furnishing a meeting room or a conference hall, we have what you need.

How Do We Work?

Our approach revolves around a thorough understanding of your visions and objectives. We prioritize creating workspaces that enhance employee well-being, productivity, and creativity.

Our team of designers accompanies you at every stage of your project, from initial conception to delivery and installation, ensuring a seamless experience.

We have a responsive after-sales service to maintain your ongoing satisfaction.

For temporary office furniture needs, we offer flexible rental options that adapt to your duration requirements.

Contact us to explore together the possibilities of layout and furnishing tailored to your space.

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