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Beyond their practical function, reception desks form the first impression customers and visitors have of your company.
Whether you’re looking for a classic reception desk or a modern workspace, you’ll find everything you need at Unique Mobilier to reflect your company’s image.
Discover our rich and diverse selection of reception tables.

The Importance Of A Well-designed Reception Desk

A reception desk is the first point of contact between your organization and the outside world. It embodies the brand image you wish to convey.

Unique Mobilier, we offer a wide range of reception desks. Our designs range from classic to modern, reflecting each company’s unique identity.

The design of your reception area is an opportunity to align the style of the desk with the overall ambience of your workplace.

Consequently, an office design that integrates harmoniously with your company’s aesthetic helps create a unified, coherent environment.

So, you assert your identity and values by choosing the right style for your office. It creates a welcoming space that’s true to your brand.

How Do Our Products Transform Your Environment?

At Unique Mobilier, we meticulously select our reception desks to create, above all, a welcoming space. Each model is chosen for its combination of aesthetics and functionality to encourage a positive first interaction.

We start with the visual welcome. Clean lines, harmonious colours and practical layout. These elements are chosen to create a pleasant, professional atmosphere at first glance. This helps establish a positive connection with your customers.

Practicality is also at the heart of our products. That’s why we choose reception desks designed to improve comfort and efficiency for your employees daily.

Our reception desks are designed with ergonomic zones and practical storage solutions. Undoubtedly, these features facilitate a smooth workflow. After all, a comfortable employee is naturally more inclined to provide quality service.

Moreover, we attach great importance to durability in our product selection. As a result, the reception desks we offer are chosen to be both modern and durable. This ensures that your space retains its elegance and functionality over the long term.

Our Reception Table Collections

Integrating accessibility
Spheric Collection

At Unique Mobilier, accessibility is paramount in our range of reception desks.

This approach is in line with the principles of Logiflex’s Spheric collection. This range is characterized by its flexibility, adapting to various environments.

It combines various elements: straight returns, curved counters and low versions for disabled access.

By integrating variable-height counters, we facilitate access for all.
As a result, our open spaces are also wheelchair accessible.

Moreover, we ensure that every reception desk is aesthetically pleasing, functional and inclusive, offering comfort to all users.

Monochrome Range

Our Monochrome reception desks are distinguished by their meticulous finish. Moreover, their soft touch makes them ideal for luxurious reception areas.

Our suppliers have designed every detail of this range to combine aesthetics and functionality:

Ultra-soft finish: The countertop offers a soft-touch feel, enhancing comfort and the user experience.

Colour options: Available in elegant shades of carbon and chalk, these desks adapt to different interior styles.

Modern, linear appearance: The Monochrome reception desk boasts a sleek design. Moreover, it features a frame with no visible edges, offering a minimalist aesthetic.

Fingerprint-resistant finish: The frame and back are treated with a monochrome matte finish that resists fingerprints. This ensures a consistently clean and professional appearance.

These features make the Monochrome range a first-choice option for work environments where luxury and functionality go hand in hand.

Inbox Reception Table
Assertive urban style

The Inbox collection is distinguished by its urban style, characterized by sharp contrasts in volume. It aims to reflect a distinct, dynamic personality in your work environment.

Accent lighting: Add an extra dimension to your space with lighting that enhances the aesthetics of Inbox.

Transaction shelf: Opt for a natural wood or lacquered finish, adding a touch of elegance.

Customizable options: This reception desk offers many other choices to personalize your space to your preferences.

In conclusion, this reception desk creates a welcoming space with a unique style. It also features functionality tailored to the needs of modern professional areas.


Logiflex’s Gallery series, renowned for its durability, combines elegance and simplicity. As a result, it has been an ideal choice for professional environments for many years.

This range is characterized by a design that integrates functionality and refined aesthetics. Highlights include :

Proven design: With a presence on the market for over a decade, Gallery has proven its reliability and enduring appeal.

Elegant styling: The simplicity of its lines and the quality of its finish make it a smart choice for any reception area.

Adaptability: Designed to fit into various professional settings, the Gallery range offers a versatile reception solution. It blends harmoniously into both traditional and contemporary environments.

Why Choose Unique Mobilier?

  • Our team, specializing in design and layout, goes beyond simply selling furniture. We meticulously select reception stations that ideally embody your contemporary or traditional style.
  • Moreover, we pay particular attention to every aspect of your reception and workspace. We offer customized solutions that harmonize perfectly with your environment by listening to your needs and analyzing the most minor details.
  • Que vous recherchiez un bureau de réception en bois élégant, un espace accueillant avec des finitions en métal, ou un comptoir robuste pour une efficacité maximale, Unique Mobilier a ce qu’il vous faut.

We Support You

We’re here to guide you through the selection process and provide personalized recommendations. Here’s how we can help you make the best reception desk decision:

1. In-depth analysis of your needs: Our specialized design and layout team will take the time to discuss your requirements with you.
First, we’ll assess your needs, whether you’re looking for a spacious reception area or a compact office. Whether in terms of size, functionality or aesthetics.

2. Studying your style: Next, we’ll examine your corporate style – contemporary, traditional, industrial, etc. We’ll also consider your colour palette, brand image and the ambience you want to create.

In addition, we’ll consider your colour palette, brand image and the mood you want to create.
We’ll also consider all the elements that define your company’s visual identity.

3. Personalized recommendations: Based on an analysis of your needs and business style, we’ll provide you with customized offers. So you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and objectives.

4. 3D visualization and design: To help you visualize the final result, we create 3D renderings with different reception desk options. This allows you to visualize how each option fits into your environment.

5. Feature tips: In addition to aesthetics, we also advise on essential features such as counter layout, storage solutions, ergonomics, and more. Finally, we ensure that your reception desk is aesthetically pleasing and practical, meeting all your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood, metal, glass and various composite panels are commonly used to furnish reception and work areas. Moreover, their durability and ease of maintenance are advantages for everyday use.
The durability of a reception desk depends on its materials, use and maintenance. For example, a solid wood desk can last for many years. Generally speaking, renewing these desks every 5 to 10 years is advisable. This helps maintain a neat, professional appearance.
To explore our unique selection of reception furniture, visit us in St-Bruno-De-Montarville at 1365 Marie-Victorin (Unit 4-5). You can also browse our online catalogue. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for a personalized quote and pricing information.

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