Private Offices

Confidential and enclosed for businesses

Private offices cater to those seeking an environment where concentration and tranquility prevail.

For those in search of a setting conducive to discretion and calm, Unique Mobilier offers a tailored selection.

Explore our range, designed to transform your workspace into a place where comfort and serenity take precedence.

Discover Our Private Offices

Millennium Collection

The Millenium range from Logiflex features contemporary and modern style desks. This range allows you to furnish functional and cost-effective workspaces.

Suitable for private, semi-private, or open configuration offices, Millenium furniture aligns with the varied needs of professional environments.

Regardless of the chosen configuration, the Millenium range offers a wide selection to suit all tastes and requirements. Moreover, there are multiple storage options ensuring optimal organization of your workspace.

Furthermore, versatility is at the core of the Millenium collection. It easily transforms a desk into a reception area with the addition of a transaction shelf.

This collection is ideal for various spaces: meeting rooms, reception areas, coworking spaces, or private offices. It guarantees a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Volt Collection

The Volt collection by Logiflex stands out for its sophistication and technological integration.

Furthermore, it offers workstations and collaboration tables equipped with discreetly integrated electrical options.

This ingenuity frees up workspace and ensures optimal cable management. This organization directly contributes to a neat aesthetic and a tidy office.

Available in twelve wood tones and three felt colors, Volt offers a wide range for custom personalization.

This flexibility is also found in modular storage solutions, allowing for efficient and adaptable workspace organization.

The essence of Volt lies in its ability to merge advanced functionality with elegant design.

The Volt range adapts to various layouts: meeting rooms, collaboration zones, or private office optimization. It meets the aesthetic and practical requirements of modern professional environments.

Office 5

This private office space invites both inspiration and reflection, fostering creativity in the workplace.

Crafted from natural and refined materials, the Office 5 private desk adapts to your company’s culture and image.

This furniture provides you with the freedom to personalize your workspace according to your preferences, whether for individual desks or group workspaces.

With its wide selection of wood finishes and unlimited customization options, this collection has been specially designed to offer you efficiency and comfort at work.

Thus, the Office 5 range is entirely modular, allowing you to combine each element according to your preferences in terms of width, height, and depth. This flexibility enables you to design a customized layout that meets the requirements of your environment.

In terms of storage, Artelite offers options of fixed-hinged doors or sliding doors. The latter are available in wood, glass, or lacquered finishes.

Lastly, if you desire a more urban style, the Office 5 collection, known as Metro, is available in thermofused melamine. The same design and elegance are retained, only the material differs.

Why Choose a Private Office?

Private offices offer an ideal solution for companies seeking privacy while still enjoying the benefits of coworking spaces.

Designed with partitions or walls, they ensure optimal soundproofing and confidentiality.

1.Better Concentration

One of the main advantages of private offices is their ability to provide an environment conducive to concentration.

Unlike open spaces, which are often sources of distraction due to ambient noise, private offices promote concentration. This isolation allows individuals to fully focus on tasks.

2.Moins stressant pour les salariés

Le bureau privé, souvent perçu comme un espace sécurisant, permet aux salariés d’exprimer leur personnalité librement, sans la sensation d’être constamment observés.

Autre avantage, la possibilité de s’approprier l’espace en le personnalisant. Cette démarche permet de créer une atmosphère rassurante, en intégrant des objets personnels comme des photos de famille ou des plantes.

Ainsi, en rendant l’environnement de travail plus agréable et favorable à notre productivité, notre motivation se trouve naturellement stimulée.

3. Plus de confidentialité

Les bureaux privés garantissent un niveau de confidentialité que les open spaces ne peuvent donner.

En effet, ils permettent de mener des discussions confidentielles et de traiter des informations sensibles sans risque d’être entendus.

Outre cela, la possibilité de fermer la porte crée une barrière physique et psychologique pour préserver la discrétion nécessaire à certaines activités professionnelles.

Why Choose us?

Our company stands out with a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailored to your office layout needs.

1. Flexible Financing Options

We offer tailored financing options that facilitate the acquisition of office furnishings without compromising your budget.

2. Personalized Services

Our approach includes design, planning, and project management, accompanied by detailed analysis to optimize your space.

We work closely with you to turn your vision into reality.

3. 2D/3D Plans

Grâce à nos rendus précis en 2D et 3D, vous bénéficiez d’une visualisation claire de votre projet.

Notre expertise en coordination assure que chaque détail est pris en compte et que le résultat soit conforme à vos attentes.

4. Qualified Delivery and Installation

Our technicians ensure professional installation while adopting environmentally responsible material management practices.

5. Post-Installation Inspection

Following installation, we conduct a thorough inspection and provide a project completion report. In the event of irregularities, this step allows us to make corrections promptly.

6. Warranty Management and Maintenance

Our after-sales service covers comprehensive warranty management, maintenance, and necessary repairs. We ensure the longevity of your furnishings and your peace of mind.

7. Diverse Rental Options

Whether you need a temporary solution or for a special event, our short, medium, and long-term rental options provide the necessary flexibility.

Our office layout and furnishing
service in Quebec

At Unique Mobilier, located in the heart of Quebec, Canada, we position ourselves as experts in commercial office layout and furnishing.

With over two decades of experience, we are dedicated to providing office furniture solutions that meet the needs of a diverse clientele, from small SMEs to large corporations across Quebec.

Our commitment is to offer an extensive range of office furniture and accessories designed to fit all budgets and meet all functional and aesthetic requirements.

As a trusted distributor in Quebec, we establish strong partnerships with industry leaders in office furniture, including Logiflex, Artelite, and Global. These collaborations allow us to offer you the best brands available in the market, ensuring quality, durability, and style.

Our mission is to transform your workspace into a functional and inspiring environment that reflects the unique identity of your company while promoting the well-being and productivity of your teams.

With Unique Mobilier, you benefit from professional and personalized office layout and furnishing services tailored to the specificities of the Quebec and Canadian markets.

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