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Whether you’re looking for fixed or mobile training tables, our range can be adapted to your specific context. Moreover, we offer various tables with various options thanks to our collaboration with several suppliers.

Moreover, each model has unique aspects, offering functionalities adapted to different situations. This diversity ensures precise adaptation to the specific needs of each space. With this in mind, our desks feature modularity, height and other aspects essential to efficiency and comfort.

Whether it’s a formal setting or a dynamic learning environment, our tables are designed to fit perfectly into your configuration.

Que vous recherchiez des tables de formation fixes ou mobiles, notre gamme s’ajuste à votre contexte spécifique. De plus, grâce à notre collaboration avec plusieurs fournisseurs, nous proposons une vaste sélection de tables dans différentes options.

What Options Are Available For A Training Table?

Mobile or fixed table

Training tables come in two main categories: mobile and fixed.

Each meets different needs in terms of use and layout. For example, a mobile folding table is ideal for environments requiring a modular layout.

Thanks to their modularity, tables can be reorganized quickly and easily. But above all, they can be adapted to the moment’s needs. This versatility is particularly useful for companies that don’t have a dedicated training room.

In contrast, fixed tables are suitable for permanent spaces, such as dedicated conference or training rooms. This type of training table is generally chosen for its sturdiness rather than its modularity.


Our range includes tables of different sizes, suitable for various work areas. For example, our compact models, such as the Zook, are particularly practical for optimizing tight spaces.

With its versatile folding tables, the Zook series makes it easy to create flexible layouts.

Materials and ergonomics

Our selection of training tables comes in a variety of materials. Each has its own distinctive characteristics. For example, a wooden table brings elegance and warmth, suitable for spaces with a traditional style. In contrast, a metal or composite table is a good option for intensively used work environments.

Another component of a good training table is its longevity. Every training table is designed with this in mind.

Our desks combine aesthetics and functionality, ensuring long-lasting quality and performance.

Our customers can, therefore, select a table that meets their specific requirements while guaranteeing appropriate and comfortable use. Some of our tables also include height adjustment options to add to their versatility.

Why Choose A Mobile Training Table?

Investing in a mobile training table brings flexibility to various learning environments.

These tables are ideal not only for traditional classrooms but also for professional training spaces.


These tables facilitate rapid rearrangement of space and lend themselves well to various meeting styles or educational activities.


Foldable or stackable options enable efficient space management.


Tables offer height-adjustment options or specific features to meet a variety of needs. They can, therefore, be adapted to different user groups, contributing to optimized comfort and ergonomics.

Why Opt For A Fixed Training Table?

Training tables with fixed legs Fixed training tables are ideal for spaces dedicated to learning or frequent meetings.

They are a durable choice for environments where the configuration remains relatively constant.


These tables guarantee sturdiness and stability, essential qualities for intensive use.

Aesthetic consistency 

A fixed table contributes to the visual identity of a space. It creates a more formal, professional setting.


Conçues pour résister à l’usure quotidienne, les tables fixes sont un investissement fiable pour les établissements recherchant une solution à long terme.

En fin de compte, le choix entre une table de formation mobile et une table fixe dépendra des besoins spécifiques, de la nature de l’utilisation prévue et des préférences esthétiques de l’organisation

Training table

The 2gether table stands out for its versatility and contemporary design. Designed to adapt to different environments, from training rooms to conference rooms, this table is an ideal choice for collaborative areas.

The “Easy Touch” mechanism makes it easy to fold down the tabletop, facilitating storage and space reconfiguration.

With its elegant curves and “Y” legs, the 2gether table is functional and adds visual appeal.

Available in a range of sizes and with the option of a hinged back panel, this table offers an elegant and practical solution.

Meeting table

The ZookMC table is a flexible solution for collaborative and dynamic workplaces. This training table is ideal for professional spaces seeking flexibility.

Thanks to its modular design, it adapts easily to the different configurations required in a professional environment.

Training Office

The range includes desks designed for sturdiness and intensive daily use. It also offers practical storage solutions.

This training desk stands out for its ability to optimize the use of space while guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Each table, with its sturdy legs and resistant top, is designed for long life.

Training Office

The JunctionMC range is an economical and adaptable solution for boardrooms and training rooms.

With its “Y”-shaped legs, this table series adds a modern touch while providing a stable base for various uses.

Designed to adapt easily to different space configurations, these training tables can be used singly or in combination. In this configuration, they share a common base. This flexibility is a major asset in changing professional environments.

JunctionMC, equipped with an optional back panel for cable management, makes organization easier. This contributes to a tidier, cleaner environment.

Moreover, thanks to their self-supporting design, these tables facilitate quick and easy room reconfiguration.

Training table
Licence 2

The Licence 2 table features a top available in a variety of shapes. A vast choice of leg styles, finishes, sizes and heights also complements it.

Around this table, ideas germinate, perspectives expand, and creative solutions develop.

Suitable for both small groups and large gatherings, Licence 2 offers a range that facilitates gathering and collaboration. Its versatility makes it easy to integrate into fixed or modular spaces.

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