Waiting Room Chairs


Transform your reception area with our waiting room chairs, carefully selected for their design and comfort. Our partners, based in Quebec and Canada, offer seating in a variety of materials. From wood to metal to plastic, we offer a complete range for your reception areas.

Waiting Room Chairs For All Environments

Our chairs adapt to a variety of environments. From dental clinics to hotels, our chair and armchair types add a distinctive touch. And with good reason: our ranges are designed to blend perfectly into the atmosphere of each establishment.

Our collection includes numerous models. From stacking chairs to armchairs, we offer solutions to suit all your needs.

So, by choosing our furniture, you create a reception area that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our furniture reflects the identity and uniqueness of your company.

Why Invest In Waiting Room Chairs?

Meticulous design, with carefully selected products, creates a warm and inviting environment.

As a natural part of this space, waiting room chairs help make your customers’ experience comfortable and pleasant.

That’s why selecting quality chairs demonstrates your attention to visitor comfort.

What’s more, choosing products that harmonize with the general atmosphere of your business reinforces the idea that you attach particular importance to detail.

How To Choose The Right Type Of
For Your Waiting Room?

To choose the right waiting room chair, consider several factors:

1. Comfort

Choose a chair that provides good back support and comfortable seating. Your visitors will appreciate this as they wait.

2. Durability

Opt for hard-wearing, easy-to-clean materials such as synthetic leather or stain-resistant fabrics.

Moreover, in high-traffic areas, these choices facilitate maintenance and preserve aesthetics.

3. Style and design

The chair should harmonize with the décor and design of your space. Choose colours and styles that complement the aesthetics of your waiting room.

4. Size

Make sure chairs fit the size of your waiting room. A stackable chair can be a solution to optimize available space without overloading it.

5. Accessibility

Include accessible seating for visitors with reduced mobility.

6. Variety

Offer a seating model to suit different needs, such as a chair with armrests for the elderly, or a lower seat for children.

7. Budget

Establish your budget and explore value-for-money options.

8. Adapting to your business

Start by assessing the specific needs of your field. For example, a balance between comfort and chair density may be necessary in the medical sector. For a high-end insurance firm, on the other hand, you’ll need comfortable, well-spaced chairs.

9. Brand image

Choose chairs that reflect your corporate image as the waiting room is your company’s showcase. In addition, colours can echo your logo, or warm tones can create a welcoming environment.

By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to choose the right chair model. Not only will it provide comfort and functionality, it will also enhance the atmosphere and image of your company.

Waiting Chair Customization

Our range of waiting chairs, designed to suit a variety of professional spaces, offers a variety of options, including leather, metal and wood

Each chair is designed to offer optimum comfort, with features such as ergonomic backrests, supportive arms and a sturdy frame.

Regarding backrests, we offer a variety of styles: high backrests for full back support, medium backrests for freedom of movement, and low backrests for a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

This variety makes it possible to choose the chair best suited to the specific needs of each space.

Each waiting chair, available in different styles and materials, is designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the visitor experience while integrating perfectly with your corporate identity.

Materials Of Choice
For Waiting Chairs


Wooden chairs lend a classic, timeless aesthetic. Their sturdiness and natural warmth add a touch of elegance.

What’s more, it’s easy to personalize and maintain. It’s perfect for environments wishing to reflect a traditional or ecological character.

A wooden chair with an ergonomic design and high back is ideal for classic professional environments.


Leather chairs are synonymous with luxury and refinement. They are not only comfortable but also durable.

Moreover, leather stands out for its ease of cleaning and durability over time.

A modern-style leather chair with a medium backrest and armrests, perfect for a luxurious professional setting.


Metal chairs are characterized by their solidity and modern design. They are particularly suited to contemporary or industrial environments. Metal is resistant and versatile, allowing us to create chairs with clean lines and innovative shapes.

A chair for every space

Our selection of waiting room products offers an extensive range, including lounge, single and group chairs.

Each chair model, available in different materials and colours, is designed to bring optimal comfort and elegant style to your space.

The diversity of our armchair styles ensures harmonious integration, whether the space is intended for formal or more relaxed use.

They are ideal for creating a welcoming, refined ambience in any reception area.

Some Of Our Products

Adi Connect

The Adi Connect chair offers great flexibility in the design of waiting rooms. This row system accommodates a wide range of seats and armrests.

On the one hand, this adaptability makes it possible to design public spaces with various styles. On the other hand, the model includes upholstered chairs, mesh or knitted backrests, wooden shells, and various table configurations.

In this way, the Adi Connect chair model lends itself perfectly to the personalization of waiting rooms, offering style and functionality for every space.

Borgo Teorema

The Borgo Teorema chair allows you to create a variety of configurations using our modular tables. 

This adaptability is ideal for personalizing waiting rooms and relaxation areas, adding a distinctive and unique touch to any environment.

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