Open Plan Offices


More than just a design choice, open-plan offices reflect your company’s spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Whether you’re aiming for an open, dynamic workplace or a space that fosters creativity and synergy, our range at Unique Mobilier will meet all your expectations.

Explore our diverse collection, designed to transform your workplace into a functional and inspiring space.

Why Choose Our
Open-plan Offices?

Companies’ adoption of such spaces reflects an evolving understanding of office layout needs.

Our open-plan offices offer a collaborative workspace, promoting exchange and synergy between team members.

Moreover, these configurations allow optimum use of surface areas adapted to the various types of professional activity.

Acoustics in open-plan offices require particular attention, especially when it comes to managing ambient noise. To this end, we offer solutions such as integrating separation panels designed to preserve concentration.

This reduces noise distractions while maintaining the openness and fluidity of the space.

Aware of today’s challenges, we work with the best suppliers to meet the specific requirements of each project.

In fact, the layout of these spaces considers each company’s particularities, offering a personalized, tailored service.

The Advantages Of
Open-plan Offices?

1. Sleek, modern design

In our selection of open-plan offices, we emphasize aesthetics and functionality.

Working with specialist design and manufacturing companies, we offer open-plan offices characterized by clean lines and high-quality materials.

This approach aims to create spaces that are not only functional but also visually appealing.

The elegance of our open-plan offices enriches the working environment, providing a welcoming setting that encourages creativity.

We believe that well-designed workspaces can support teams in their daily efficiency, contributing to greater well-being in the office.

As a supplier, we aim to offer products that naturally enhance your working experience.

2. Flexible and adaptable to any workspace

Continuing in the same vein, our selection of open-plan offices at Unique Mobilier doesn’t just focus on aesthetics. It also aims to maximize the efficient use of space.

Working with our partners, we provide modular partitions and ergonomic furniture solutions.

These options ensure flexibility and allow your company to personalize its workspace. Our desks can be adapted to your needs, whether for meetings or individual concentration.

3. Improved collaboration and communication

We recognize that the design of an open-plan office influences productivity. That’s why our proposals aim to achieve a harmonious balance between interaction and concentration.

The organization of space and the choice of furniture are carefully designed to encourage collaboration while providing areas for individual concentration.

We aim to provide working environments that naturally support team dynamics and well-being without imposing but enrich the working experience subtly and effectively.

Product Quality

High-quality materials and durability

At Unique Mobilier, product quality is at the heart of our approach. By selecting top-of-the-line materials, we guarantee the durability of our open-plan offices. This approach reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our partners, experts in furniture manufacturing, use materials carefully chosen for their robustness and aesthetic appeal.

As a result, the desks we select stand up to the challenges of time and daily use. This durability translates into a sound investment for your business.

Finally, we keep a close eye on the latest trends in design and functionality.

We ensure that our desks combine modern aesthetics with ergonomics. This combination ensures an attractive and comfortable working environment.

Integrated solutions for acoustic comfort

Our open-plan offices focus on creating an environment conducive to concentration despite the acoustic challenges inherent in these spaces.

To this end, we incorporate partitions carefully designed to eliminate sound distractions. These are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, allowing employees to concentrate without being disturbed by ambient noise.

These partitions create workspaces where concentration and communication can coexist harmoniously.

Transform Your Workspace
With Unique Mobilier

Flexible financing options
Tailored to your financial needs to facilitate the acquisition of equipment.

Customized services
Design, planning and project management with detailed analysis to optimize your space.

2D/3D plans
Clear visualization of your project thanks to precise renderings and expert coordination.

Qualified delivery and installation
Skilled technicians ensure professional installation and environmentally responsible materials management.

Post-installation inspection
A thorough inspection and end-of-project reporting to correct any irregularities quickly.

Warranty and maintenance management
Full after-sales service, maintenance and repairs.

Varied rental options
Short-, medium- and long-term rental solutions for temporary needs or special events.

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